Bulletin 9809


Report:  First Organizational Meeting
Friday June 19, 1998       10 am - 4 PM
Air National Guard Base
Bradley International Airport, Connecticut

Dear Friend of Aviation and Space Education,

Our first organizational meeting at Bradley International Airport was quite successful.  Representatives of eight state aviation councils gathered to report on activities in their own states, and then to review the charter for NASEA and select its first elected directors and officers. 

We also decided to have quarterly directors' meetings, in September, December, March, and June, with the March meeting likely to be rescheduled to coincide with our annual membership meeting.  Currently we plan to have the annual meeting in conjunction with the National Congress for Aviation and Space Education, which will be held in Orlando, Florida in 1999.

Current activities for NASEA include completion of applying for IRS 501 C 3 tax exempt status, revision and expansion of the website, development of officers' manuals for each elected officer, and deliberating how to best support individual state councils.

Most existing state councils have now expressed interest in joining NASEA or have sent in their applications.  We have revised our state council list to indicate the current information for each group, and noted which have sent in membership applications.   If you see incorrect information please let us know, and if you or your group wishes to join as a voting or supporting member of NASEA please print out and complete our membership application, which is available on this website.  At this time there are no dues required - we ask only that your group supports our objectives and wishes to participate. 

Please copy this information to your group's board members.    These pages are available on the website www.nasea.org and can be printed out for others.  A printed booklet containing the pages can also be requested via email.  If you know of state councils that we have missed in the listings on the web site please fax or mail this information to them so they might join NASEA and/or attend our meetings as well. And please send their names, websites, and address information back to us so we can expand our listings.  We will list all such groups whether members of NASEA or not.

Thanks for your interest and participation!  We hope to see you at one of our meetings or at other aviation and space education events in the near future.

Cordially yours,

        Rol Murrow
NASEA 1998-99 Chairman


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