Bulletin 9805


NASEA Bulletin 9805  May, 1998
Invitation to First Organizational Meeting
Friday June 19, 1998       10 am - 4 pm
Air National Guard Base
Bradley International Airport, Connecticut

Dear Friend of Aviation and Space Education,

We are pleased to announce the formation of the National Aviation and Space Education Alliance (NASEA) and to invite your group to participate at NASEA's first organizational meeting.  

NASEA was created to support aviation and space education groups, especially the various statewide councils.  The emphasis is on improving communications and cooperation among such groups by providing useful information and resources directly and through our website.  Our special goals include funding local educational activities such as ACE camps and other such events and supporting educators who wish to bring aerospace education into the classroom. Websites are available for councils that need them, too. 

Our first formal meeting as NASEA will serve as an opportunity to meet representatives of other state councils as well as to elect our first directors and indicate the most pressing priorities to be addressed as we move forward.   In the future we intend to hold at least one national meeting each year in conjunction with a national aerospace educational event such as the National Congress for Aviation and Space Education (NCASE).

We have enclosed a printed copy of our website in the form of a booklet which more fully explains our objectives.  Please read it and also log on the site itself at www.nasea.org.  We have also enclosed a membership application for NASEA, and if you are part of an existing statewide group we ask that you immediately complete the form and return it to us for processing.   At this time there are no dues required - we ask only that your group supports our objectives and wishes to participate. 

Please copy this information to your group's board members.    These pages are also available on the website www.nasea.org and can be printed out for others.   If you know of state councils that we have missed in the listings on the web site please fax or mail this information to them so they might join and attend as well. And please send their names, websites, and address information back to us so we can expand our listings.  We will list all such groups whether members of NASEA or not.

This meeting will begin with reports from the state councils.   Lunch will be provided to all attendees.  In the afternoon we will set NASEA's program for 1998-99 and have elections for board members, officers, and committee leaders.  If you wish to serve as a NASEA leader or to nominate good candidates please let us know.

Commercial air service is available directly to Bradley Airport and there are two good general aviation facilities for those who fly themselves.  We will provide airport ground transportation to the meeting.  For those staying over on Saturday there are many excellent local attractions including the New England Air Museum on the airport, the Mystic Seaport Museum and Aquarium, and the Mark Twain House.  And we have arranged low cost overnight rooms at the Fire Academy right on the airport for Thursday through Saturday nights on a space available basis.

Thanks for your interest and participation!  We hope to see you at this meeting or at other aviation and space education events in the near future.

Cordially yours,

        Rol Murrow
NASEA Representative

for the Incorporators, and on behalf of the Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont Councils.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please send us a message via email to mail@nasea.org or to the address below confirming your attendance at the meeting. Please indicate the number of persons coming and  who will need overnight rooms and how to contact them.  We will provide lunch.   Mailing address for this event:   NASEA     33 Holly Dr,    Storrs, CT 06268.     Phone 860 429-2972.

Directions to meeting location, ANG Base at Bradley International Airport, Connecticut

Driving:    Take I-91 South from Springfield, MA or North from Hartford, CT.
                    Take Exit 40 "Airport/Route 20 West" to fourth exit ramp on right
                    Take that ramp "Route 20 West Continuation" to the first traffic light
                    Turn RIGHT (North) one long block to the end
                    Turn RIGHT (East) one short block straight to the ANG guard post
                    Advise the guard you are attending the NASEA meeting

Flying:    On arrival at Bradley International Airport we will provide ground transport to the facility. If arriving at an FBO ask them about your ride. If arriving via airline please make arrangements with NASEA beforehand. In either case notify us when and where you will be arriving.

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