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Initial Programs for NASEA


Each state council was created to bring together individuals and representatives of groups and agencies in order to collaborate on projects within a state.  Our alliance is similar:  to bring the same kind of collaboration to the aid of the councils.   The first step is communicating our objectives and providing for communications among the groups, and this website is a starting point in that direction.  For state Councils without websites we will assist them in developing an online presence. 

Online Resources

This site is intended to be a starting point for finding information of use to all state councils and their members.  We have begun by providing links to national and state organizations, as well as lists of local offices and resource centers that can help the councils find what they need.


Local and state groups often have little expertise in seeking grants or other public support for their activities.  In view of the loss of FAA funding of publications, ACE camps, and other historical activities, we recognize the need for new funding sources and partnerships with industry.  NASEA intends to help raise the fundraising expertise of all participants in the state councils, and to also seek resources to provide to those needing publications or other materials or who are conducting aviation and space education programs. 

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