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Federal Agencies and Offices with Aviation Education Representatives


FAA-Aviation Education DOT Hq. BLDG.

Plaza 100

Washington, DC 20590

Tel: 781-238-7378

Fax: 781-238-7380

Shelia Bauer, National Aviation Education Program Manager


FAA Education Representative

Aviation Education Division

400 7th Street, SW


Washington, DC 20590

Tel: 202-366-7500

Fax: 202-266-3786

Mr. Terry White


Office of Training & Higher Education

FAA ECU-Aeronautical Center

P.O. Box 25082

Room 356, Headquarters Bldg.

Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Tel: 405-954-7500

Fax: 405-954-4551

Mr. Robert Hoppers, AMC-5


FAA EDU-Technical Center

Atlantic City International Airport

Human Resource Management Division

Atlantic City, NJ 08405

Tel: 609-485-6626

Fax: 609-485-4391

Ms. Carleen Genna, ACM-120


FAA Education Representative--Alaskan Region

222 West 7th Avenue

Box 14

Anchorage, AK 99513-7587

Tel: 907-271-5293

Fax: 907-276-7261

Ms. Marsha Brown

Education Representative


FAA Education Representative--Central Region

901 Locust, Room 106

Kansas City, MO 64106

Tel: 816-329-2420

Ms. Stephanie J. Webb

Aviation Education Program Manager, ACE-3W


FAA Education Representative--Eastern Region

JFK International Airport

Federal Building #111

Jamaica, NY 11430

Tel: 718-553-3363

Fax: 718-553-0058

Ms. Mary Ann Poindexter

Education Representative



FAA Education Representative--Great Lakes Region

O'Hare Lake Office Center

2300 East Devon Avenue

Des Plaines, IL 60018

Tel: 708-294-7042

Fax: 708-294-7642

Mr. Lee Carlson

Education Representative


FAA Education Representative--New England Region

12 New England Executive Park

Burlington, MA 01803

Tel: 617-238-7378

Fax: 617-238-7380

Ms. Sheila Bauer

Education Representative


FAA Education Representative--Northwest Mountain Region

1601 Lind Avenue, SW

Renton, WA 98056

Tel: 206-227-2079

Fax: 206-227-1010

Ms. Mary Syslo-Seel

Education Representative


FAA Education Representative--Southern Region

1701 Columbia Avenue

College Park, GA 30337

Tel: 404-305-5310

Fax: 404-305-5312

Ms. Opal Neely

Education Representative


FAA Education Representative--Southwest Region

Ft. Worth, TX



Ms. Debra Myers

Education Representative


FAA Education Representative--Western-Pacific Region

P.O. Box 92007

Worldway Postal Center

Los Angeles, CA 90009

Tel: 310-297-0556

Fax: 310-297-0706

Mr. Hank Verbais

Education Representative


Federal Aviation Administration/System Safety

400 7th Street, SW


Washington, DC 20590

Tel: 202-366-6433

Fax: 202-366-7083

Ms. Felice Brunner

Program Coordinator

FAA Education Representative


Center for Management Development

4500 Palm Coast Parkway, SE

Palm Coast, FL 32137

Tel: 904-446-7126

Fax: 904-446-7201

Mr. Larry Hedman, CMD-373



600 Independence Avenue, SW

Washington, DC 20546

Tel: 202-453-2693

Fax: 202-426-4256

Mr. Daniel Golden



National Weather Service

Room 10A26

819 Taylor Street

Ft. Worth, TX 76102

Tel: 817-334-2654

Fax: 817-334-3872

Mr. Stephen Brown



USAF-Material Command-Aeronautical Systems Center

Wright-Patterson AFB

Dayton, OH 45433-6503

Tel: 513-255-3334

Fax: Mr. Patrick C. Mullaney

Public Affairs Officer


U.S. Army-Aviation and Troop Command

4300 Goodfellow Boulevard

St. Louis, MO 61320-1798

Tel: 314-236-1464

Fax: 314-263-1242


U.S. Department of Commerce Office of Aerospace

14 St. & Constitution Avenue, NW

Room 2128

Washington, DC 20230

Tel: 202-482-2835

Fax: 202-482-3113

Ms. Sally Bath



U.S. Navy-Naval Air Systems Command

Jefferson Plaza 1

Washington, DC 20361-0001

Tel: 262-639-2260


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